Slits, Horacio Zabala, 2005

In contemporary artistic and poetic productions, the city is a protagonist and a source of inspiration. Rita Simoni walks, observes and studies a specific area of ??Rosario: she selects vacant lots, fences, party walls, posters. She pays attention and gives intention to the chosen environment and that is spread to the camera. Then she orders, classifies and circumscribes these "reductions of three-dimensional reality", which are photographs. These initiate the signalization of breaks and dissonances with drawings on the wall that exceed the photographic sequences.

Her work relates degradation and vitality, conflicts and messages, fragments and signs of urban structure. In those readable and illegible spaces, the time that passes re-dis-covers us and the changes of our perception: from indifference and passivity to difference and activity. The city isn’t just a place; it is a sensitive organism that awakens in us critical pleasure and pleasure itself.

Text for the exhibition "Rosario´s Slits” in La Caverna, Horacio Zabala. 2005