Buenos Aires, 1961.

Comprehensive training in visual arts, workshops and clinics:
Art and Nature Seminar with Andrea Juan. With Adriana Cerviño (ceramics), Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias (clinics and writing), Fabiana Barreda (biennials and clinics), Leila Tschopp (Group Tuning Clinic), Edgardo Madanes (sculpture and work clinic), M.C. Baulo (management, clinics), Florencia Blanco (history of photography), Horacio Zabala (clinics), Juan Doffo (workshop), Rosa Skific (textile design), Miña Stempelsztejn (drawing and painting workshop).
Architect FADU/UNBA 1986.

Selected works as artist:
Itaú Award 2023.
Manuel Belgrano Hall, Painting with installation, 2018.
National Hall of Visual Arts, Painting with installation, 2017.
Bahía Blanca Hall, intervened photograph, 2007.

Individual expositions:
2022: Creation of a permanent exhibition space at FINO 630, artist workshop.
2022: Urban Museum
2021: "Urban Alchemy" Paintings and photographs intervened in Café Urbano.
2021: "Humectaria" in One Work One Artist, Humahuaca and Bustamante. Specific site. https://youtu.be/SgKzVQxHAos
2019: “Timeline” C.C. San Martin. Site specific installation.
2015: "Humectaria", Zafarrancho. Site specific installation.
2011: "Big Bang”, Alliance Française. Paintings.
2010 - 2011: “ESTAR” Intervention of a wasteland in former AU3. Sample in F. Lebensohn. urban intervention.
2007: "Residual Spaces", Gandhi. Photography.
2005: "Rosario Slits", La Caverna. Photography and drawings.
2003: "Variations on Danger", CCBorges. Objects and installations.
2001: "Sueños Quemados", intervened pillows; "Borders and Overflows" expanded painting totems, "Utopias to assemble" installation, CC Borges.

Collective exhibitions, residences and curatorships:
2023: Participation in SACH, open neighborhoods of Chacharita and Parque Chas in María Emilia Marroquín´s studio. Participation in Tejiendo Redes Coghlan Saavedra, in Josefina Laratro's studio.
2022: Territories in Polyphony
During the 2020 pandemic, she created "Residencies in Residencies", https://www.instagram.com/residencia_en_residencias/, a virtual space for the process and production of work inviting six other artists to a horizontal dialogue; which gave rise in 2021 to the exhibition of a Video in Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro, https://youtu.be/mF1GUbG9Br4https://youtu.be/mF1GUbG9Br4, in 2022 to the exhibition Rituals in Ronda at the Cultural Center of Cooperation, and then Territories in Polyphony, two simultaneous exhibitions at the Pereda Palace of the Brazilian Embassy on the occasion of the bicentennial, and El Obrador Centro Creativo, where 13 South American artists participated.
2022. "Committed Women" organized by Well Restored in Espacio Familiares in EX. Esma.
2022: “Reliefs of the natural body” at Dumont 4040 – Moira Antonello Curatorship.
2020: participation in the La Gran Paternal event, with urban intervention in Balux Spaces.
2017: “Mutant Materials“, Casa Matienzo.
2017: "Chromatic Archaeologies" Praxis gallery, Buenos Aires. Painting on reliefs and rubble.
2017: "Black Body" Cultural Matienzo. Site specific installation with Silvia Mildiner.
2016: "Becoming and going" Specific Site in a property close to demolition. Raw Collective. https://issuu.com/colectivocruda/docs/cruda_devenir_y_de_ir
2014: "The wall that returns to the wall", Art x Art. Intervention of a specific site in the ex-refrigerated room.
2014: "No Sphere" S. Culture San Martín de los Andes. / Ensemble Space Bogotá, Colombia.
2011: "Big Bang" paintings in the French Alliance of Buenos Aires, and Córdoba Airport.
2009: “Author Photobooks” Fair, Eclectic Space. Buenos Aires and Montevideo.
2008: Installation "Outdoor" "La Caverna" Rosario.
2005 “Rivadavia, a role in art and culture”. Carousel object. CC Recoleta, curated by Julio Sánchez.
Some of his works belong to private collections.

Talk about the 35th San Pablo Biennial at the Josefina Laratro art studio.
Art and environment workshop at the Recoleta Cultural Center, April 15, 2023.
Art and body workshops, Installation of a specific site, perspective, drawing and plastic arts privately from 2010 to 2019.
1986/1991: Assistant Professor in Architectural Design 2 and 4 at the Justo Solsona Chair, and History of Graphic Design with Carlos Méndez Mosquera.

Other knowledge:
Yoga practice from 1990 to date. English language. Music studies.

Performance as an architect:
From ADA, a private architecture studio, he developed the design and construction of stands for fairs and exhibitions, office and home renovations until 2017. (Currently he directs Aurill capillary cosmetics).
Eco park CABA, signage.
ArteBA: stands for art galleries.
Evita Museum, design and production of furniture for the Museum Shop.
Bicentennial, design and construction of the Colombian stand
National Museum of Decorative Art, design and construction of the system of showcases, exhibition and billboards for the exhibition “The poem of the right angle”, by Le Corbusier.
National University of San Martin: design and construction of stands for the Book Fair, and other events for 5 years.
Other clients: Condor Elevators, Lodra Corporation, Artelum, Terepin, Resiquem, San Martin Medical Corporation, YPF, Requisur, Tecnosuply, Andrómaco, Isolux Corsán, Chubut, India, Bioplasma, Aurill, and more.
She held the position of director of the design department at Dodecaedro, a stand studio from 1994 to 2006.