She was born in Buenos Aires in 1961.

Her plastic arts training begins at the workshop of Miña Stempelsztejn from 14 to 21 years old, in drawing and painting techniques, collage, and an exhaustive learning of color. When she was 17, she entered the architecture university, receiving the title of Architect in the FADU / UNBA in 1986.

Specific Artistic Training:
Sculpture workshop and follow-up work with Edgardo Madanes.
Work analysis with María Carolina Baulo.
Photography Workshops with Florencia Blanco and Julieta Escardó from 2011 to 2013.
Art Curator Course with María Lightowler in 2010.
Work analysis with Horacio Zabala from 2005 to 2009.
Visual arts in Juan Doffo's workshop from 1993 to 2000.
Textile design and stamping in Rosa Skific´s workshop in 1991.

Residencies: Created by Rita Simoni, from april 2020th in Covid 19 context. Seven women artists are participating.

Selected Works:
Centro Cultural San Martín, Site-specific Installation "Timeline" (“Línea de Tiempo”) at the Vertical Room, 2019.
Municipal Visual Arts Salon Manuel Belgrano, Painting category, 2018 to 2019.
National Visual Arts Salon, Painting category, 2017.
Bahía Blanca Salon, 2007.

Individual Exhibitions:
2019: "Timeline" (“Línea de Tiempo”) Site-specific Installation, San Martín Cultural Center.
2015: "Humectaria" (no lo traduciría), Zafarrancho.
2012: "Living Wall" (“Muro Vivo) Photographs, Alianza Francesa of Belgrano.
2010 - 2011: "REMAIN" (“ESTAR”) Intervention of a vacant lot within the layout of the former AU3, corner of the streets Holmberg and Mendoza. The resulting photographic material became part of the "Remain" exhibition at the Lebensohn Foundation in 2011.
2007: "Residual Spaces" (“Espacios Residuales”) Photographs, Gandhi forum.
2005: “Rosario Slits” ("Rendijas Rosario"), Photo-installation, “La Caverna”, Rosario.
2003: "Variations on the Danger" ("Variaciones sobre el Peligro") Installations, object-paintings, Borges Cultural Center.
2001: “Burned Dreams” ("Sueños Quemados"), “Edges and Overflows” ("Bordes y Desbordes"), “Utopias to assemble” ("Utopías para armar"), Borges Cultural Center.

Group Exhibitions:
2020: Specific site Intervention in the façade of Balux Spaces, ex socks factory in La Gran Paternal event, art ateliers.
2017: "Mutant Matters" Casa Matienzo.
2017: “Chromatic Archaeology” ("Arqueologías Cromáticas"), "Cycle of art and sustainability" exhibition curated by María Carolina Baulo, Praxis Gallery, Buenos Aires.
2017: "Black Body" (“Cuerpo Negro”), Cultural Matienzo.
2016: "Becoming and going" (Devenir y de ir”), site specific Installation in a building about to be demolish carried out by a group of artists.
2014: "The wall that returns to the wall"(El muro que regresa al muro”), site specific in the dark room of the Arte x Arte Foundation, within the exhibition "The supremacy of reason" (La supremacía de la razón”) curated by María Carolina Baulo.
2014: "No Sphere" ("No Esfera"), curated by Valeria Conte Mc Donell, Ministry of Culture of San Martin de los Andes.
2013: “One work, one artist” ("Una obra un artista"), intervention in a corner showcase in Buenos Aires, Carla Rey 1/1 Caja de Arte.
2012: DAC, Massotta Torres.
2011: "Human Territories" (“Territorios Humanos”), DACILART, and in 2010 in MEK. "Big Bang", Córdoba Airport.
2010: Artist's books for the Bicentennial, Quinta Trabuco. /"Postcards of the Bicentennial", (“Postales del Bicentenario”) in Federico Towpyha Gallery.
2009: "Fotolibros de autor" fair, Espacio Ecléctico. Buenos Aires and Montevideo. / "Paper, Subject, Object" (“Papel, Sujeto, Objeto”), Paláis de Glace. / Artist Books, Instantes Graficos, Recoleta Cultural Center.
2008: “Outdoor” ("Intemperie") installation, Arte y Trauma, "La Caverna", Rosario.
Artist Book, Estampa Fair, Madrid and Recoleta Cultural Center.
2006: "Landscapes Project" (“Proyecto Paisajes”), Carla Rey 1/1 Caja de Arte.
2005 "Rivadavia, a role in art and culture" (“Rivadavia, un papel en el arte y la cultura”), curated by Julio Sánchez, Recoleta Cultural Center.
2005: Group performance in the subway, line D, "Time flies" ("El tiempo vuela"), a celebration of an apocryphal birthday.
2003: "Memories of Argentina" ("Recuerdos de la Argentina"), C.C. "El Colectivo" of Villa Urquiza.
1999: "One minute of Freedom" ("Un minuto de Libertad"), performance, Pavilion IV. / And other previous ones.