Im interested in uninhabited places, where humanity expresses itself by omission.
Time dwells in these places, condensed into fragments that overlap, generating layers of meaning. From ruin to the nature that invades it, I intervene residual spaces and objects using different resources. The color, the photography, the design and the drawing, the sculptural object or the site specific allow me to synthesize, between analogies and opposites, the possibility of the resilient as alchemy of the vital power.

Construction, deconstruction, reconstruction demolition, are axes through which my work circulates. The insignificant, the marginal remains of what the human system generates as "main" or "important", are resignified in the creation of new artifices that multiply their initial meaning, highlighting the perplexity before what we produce as a species. Each appropriation appears when I detect in my daily, the call of that which persists in its immanence, which beats. Taking the unknown for me as a trigger, by taking or photographing it, I create dialogues that stage those elements with others that they inspire me. Flat or expanded in space, the works will be installations. The scale and format will depend on the site where the works will be located and my willingness to give identity to each series.