Residency in Residencies, October 2020

The most structural discovery was the awareness that I was putting together fragments of works and elements, REMAINS, something that is permanent in my work, but in this case it was to open the spectrum, the horizon completely towards the use of EVERYTHING that could serve me to create STORIES on the studio table. Stories that pushed from the questions I ask myself about the situation of global pandemic, world climate crisis, ecological collapse, rampant capitalism. The realities that we put together are beliefs that structure us and produce devastating effects. We are EXCESS, INFLATION. Humanity needs a limit to the maddening and destructive accumulation and expansion. Back when I started with the photos of “Residual Spaces”, this perception of the collapse of this human system was already present; it was Post-Liquid, to quote Bauman.
Poetics and Politics. Resilience and Resistance.
Also readings, such as Aby Warburg from Didi Huberman's book, NACHLEBEN: the survival of images.
The unconscious, the dreams, always push to emerge in my life, and I let them flow.

“The unconscious is made up of linguistic remains, of hidden memories, of traces. In this sense, it resembles a universe in ruins; and the social edifice, like our personality, is founded on this rubble. " From the book "The Ex Form" by Nicholas Bourriard.

PROCEDURES: Installation - photo - painting: integration.
It is not new but reworked. One more turn of the spiral.
A new acquisition: working on the studio table, putting everything together there, in the different constellations, is a systematization of chaos. An act of salvation. It is playing and putting into play.

"The law of becoming, manifesting itself through deceptive repetition, sets up the poor shed of the stable in the very center of the whirlwind."
Juan José Saer, in La Grande.

WHAT SURVIVES. Chaos - order
I do not forget that they are opposites; always present as an OSTINATE, like "DI and NONE", my invisible friends from very early childhood.
Gather the dissolved, RESCUE vestiges of other times, which coexist here and now.
TOGETHER-us to be stronger WOMEN.
INTEGRATE the times in a space, the table. Resignify.
Bring the OUTSIDE to the INSIDE. BE at home, in my place of working.

Assemble installations on the expanded table, and photograph its multiple scenes and points of view. Print the photos on different supports and INTERVENE them with paint and even digitally. The CAVERNS appear, as a sign of the time, being locked up, although I have to go out to work every day. In each installation story there is a dominant COLOR. Color structures each stage montage and gives meaning to a particular world, while connecting with the pure present.