Haruwen, Selk'nam territory. Site specific installation, Territories in Polyphony, El Obrador Centro Creativo, Curatorship Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias, 2022

Haruwen, Selk'nam territory is an installation that recreates the forest around Lago Escondido, Tierra del Fuego. The model is a photo that I took there, where the spirit of the Selk'nam is perceived. They lived for ten thousand years in harmony with their surroundings. In the 1960s, the anthropologist Anne Chapman recorded Lola Kiepja, the last Selk'nam Shaman. I intervened with my own voice over her ritual chants, tuning in from some visceral and deep place with that ancestral language. I take the red thread that these women left, and I offer this ritual as an offering to life.

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Charla con Ticio Escobar y Florencia Battiti | Ciclo de Intercambio de Pensamiento, Obrador Centro Creativo

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