Des – Hábitat

An asymmetrical modular structure that rises from a dark and reflective base, forms an overflowing volumetry. It is placed on a table, to be viewed on a human scale, surrounded on all sides.

The structure is interspersed with tiles made of ceramic, deformed, pierced by fingerprints and handprints, and some of them folded and transformed into three-dimensional pieces.
The enamel that covers them, in metallic black, ruby and turquoise colors, intermingle producing pictorial situations. The cement that joins them to the structure overflows and emerges as just another material, interspersed with paint spills.
Des-Hábitat also contains waves of black and turquoise glazed ceramic that slide along the edges, accentuating the presence of the volumetric. Brightness and opacity enhance each other. Colors and shapes interweave each other.
With its overflows of cement, dripping paint and spilling matter, throughout its entire morphology and surface a tower of Babel is configured in a state of deconstruction.
The name “Babel” literally means “Tower of Confusion”, and according to Babylonian myth, it was built to protect itself after the great universal flood, with the aim of reaching heaven. When it was under construction, it was destroyed by the angels with the order of their god, and then swallowed by the earth, while the people lost the unity of their language.

In Des-Hábitat, geometric rationality allows itself to be invaded by the organic, by the excess of matter and overflows, questioning the human edifice in the era of global ebullition. We are transforming the world in which we live into a hostile place, where we are increasingly besieged by extreme weather events. Des-habitat is presented as a poetic question in the face of the imminent or the unknown.

Rita Simoni – Octubre 2023

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