Dark Territory in Compromised Women, 2022

Participating artists: Ileana Hochmann, Milagro Torreblanca, Rita Simoni.

The Memory turns out to be vital to initiate and sustain processes of Truth and Justice. The Memory of the peoples must be built and strengthened at all times, since it is an ally and an enemy of time. And it is right there, in the effects of time, where the commitment of the people, institutions, officials and the State is required, so that Memory does not remain imprisoned in the past and is the utopia of the present. The commitment as well as the Report must be in a permanent state of renewal. Memory is not an extraordinary event. It is built and fed by historical processes, individual and collective courage and justice. The memory is in each process that brings us closer to justice.

Committed Women is an exhibition created by the Well Restored project within the framework of the "Day of Memory and Commitment to the innocent victims of the mafia", commemorated every March 21 in Italy. The date was established and promoted by civil society together with the relatives and friends of the innocent victims of the mafia, but today is already a day of Memory and Commitment for the entire Italian State. The exhibition seeks to honor the victims and make visible the 40th anniversary of Law 109/96 in Italy, promoted by the honorable Pio La Torre, who proposed to take away the assets of criminal organizations.

Today, there are more than 16,000 assets confiscated throughout the Italian territory, they are reused by civil society -together with the State- in social and productive projects. That event was part of a process and today it is already the first stone of a huge building that we must finish building and improve. The roof of that building should be the recovery of all the assets that were used and obtained from the tragedies and the violation of human rights, to later reuse them and repair the victims, society and the State.

Today, with this exhibition, we bring to Argentina a piece of Truth, Justice and Memory in Italy and a moment of reflection on the importance of commitment for the construction of these three pillars. We hope that we have been able to generate conflict within you or, at least, have reinforced the idea that Memory is a verb and that it must be lived and built by organizations, institutions and society in general, to transform the present and make a better future.

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