Chromatic expansion, site-specific installation, @museo_urbano, Muniz Hospital, 2022/2023

"Chromatic expansion" was a site-specific installation located in the @museo_urbano showcase in the entrance courtyard of the Muņiz Hospital, from November 2022 to February 2023.

I am interested in the existence of an initiative that democratizes the experience of art in non-traditional public spaces. My work as an artist also starts from the urban, rescuing remains that I later resignify, or producing interventions in residual spaces. Taking the excluded to include it through artistic actions. It is about Resilience. What better than a Hospital?
The Muņiz Hospital, located between the Barracas and Patricios neighborhoods, is a complex of neoclassical pavilions surrounded by parks. During the COVID Pandemic, hospitals were intended to cover the health needs of the population. In November 2022, with the crisis over, the installation was implanted in a showcase located in the center of the courtyard. The perimeter with its high green doors is the best container.

The work has its history, and is acquiring new meanings. It was born in 2017 as a single square of red and green reliefs from the debris found, for Materias Mutantes at Casa Matienzo. It continued in 2018, expanded in the Manuel Belgrano call, at the Sívori Museum... and finally it was consolidated in the form of a walk-through totem with transparent vinyl in the showcase.
It belongs to the series "Chromatic Archaeologies". From found rubble (for me they are survivors) reliefs of woods with their colors are displayed.

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