Site-specific installation at the Vertical Room, San Martin Cultural Center. 2019

The Vertical Room, with its narrow enclosures and the dominant staircase, is a space to cross going up and down the levels. This characteristic of verticality referred me to the articulated tubes of descent rubble that are found in buildings under construction, which go through the levels, starting from the highest. The state of provisionality of the works allows to see the slabs, and the empty spaces of the overlapping levels, as well as to glimpse the passage of time due to the duration of the construction.

The Site Specific project that I present for the Vertical Room of the CCGSM, consists of a poetic synthesis of the descent rubble tube, which seeks to expand the time and space perception, transforming the installation into questions. The idea is to set a vertical tube of translucent fabric wide as the marble cladding module of the room - which covers the entire space from the ground floor of double height, plus a fragment up on the first floor, and another one towards down in the first subsoil.

Rubble hanging with tanza in a vertical line, inside the tube, projecting its shadows on the fabric, shadows caused by an oscillating luminous artifact inside each section. The light movement offers the illusion that rubble goes down or up. Falling rubbles sound, accompany. Each of the three instances has its particular setting. The access floor suggests the present time, thanks to the reddish lighting, and the location of two seats arranged on the sides creating a "waiting room". The subsoil sector is dark; with white and amber light inside the tube illuminating the pile of debris disposed on the floor ... it's the past. Some debris protrudes from the tube. On the first level, also in the dark, a black circle hanging from the ceiling refers to the future time, with debris visible while hanging. The space must be traversed vertically to appreciate the complete installation. We enter the present, irrevocably. But the possibility of ascending to the future or descending to the past in a random way, places us between ambiguity and contradiction ... The rubble "fall" and "rise" because of the contraption of light that emulates the movement and the sound, reinforces. Can you "go" to the future? In fact when you "are" in the past, it is still a present ..., since "being" implies always present. Is time an illusion? We are matter in space time, we will be debris. But ...
What future, if any, does our presence as a species provide?

These and other questions and associations could come to an active spectator, who is tempted to sit and stay, go up and down the stairs of the Vertical Room to see what is beyond.

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