Living Wall, Digital photography, Dimensions: 30x40cm., 2011

Exhibition at the Alliance Franšaise of Belgrano, 2011

Living Wall, 2012
The wall in all its extension. Borders left unmarked of a ghost highway. For so long trees, shrubs and recreation spaces spread around. And persevering runners, fans of red sunsets created paths, dogs that enjoy long-awaited freedom and dog owners who thanks to them, are given to sunny conversations. Squares with names of illustrious tangueros emerged, others with rustic posters of neighborhood issues. Places illuminated at night but nowadays increasingly uncertain for those unsuspecting passers-by.
And the wall, which shouts its victory accompanying the journey, from A to Z

The wall is alive, between their median bricks beats not only the neighboring houses that hide their profaned intimacy with magic vines. Those are deployed between violet, red, green, yellow, silver drips.

Varieties of leaves breathe to the rhythm of crossed hearts, pompous letters, delineated figures, shaded volumes, pointed interjections and amorphous signs of abstract origin.

Layers and layers of superimposed messages, interweaving other truths, those that don't appear in dictionaries.

Rita Simoni, 2012

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